Complexe G - bannière

Specification sheet


Scripted comedy



22 minutes

QuébéComm Télévision inc.

Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Sophie Polgari

Pierre Paquin

Pascale Bussières, Anne Casabonne, Édith Cochrane, Sonia Vachon

Québec (Qc) Canada

Complexe G

Complexe G humorously depicts the daily lives of six totally crazy employees: Karine (Édith Cochrane), director of the sales department, and sadistic boss, Hélène (Anne Casabonne), the project manager for international marketing, and depressive, Sarah (Pascale Bussieres) director of human resources, and nymphomaniac, Nathalie (Sonia Vachon), her assistant, mother of five children struggling to combine work and family, and Meghan (Mylène St-Sauveur) and Megan (Catherine Paquin-Béchard), young receptionists , not all that welcoming and lackadaisical towards company affairs.

In this comedy, discover women as we rarely dare to show them on TV. They push the limits of the reasonable and can become downright nightmares for their colleagues.

Produced by QuébéComm, Complexe G is a Quebec adaptation of the French series Workingirls, itself adapted from the Dutch production Toren C.